3 things to eat if you want to strengthen your brain

With time it is becoming important to get the right food that can help in maintaining all basic functions of your body. Experts believe eating good food is not only helpful for your physical health but also helps your brain too. There are numerous Health Tips available online following which you ca take care of your brain. Just like lungs, muscles, and heart is important to take care of brain too. Here are some important foods that can strengthen your brain:


Like all other body parts, human brain too requires energy to work. The ability of human body to focus and concentrate comes from sufficient supply of energy in the form of glucose in blood to brain. This can be achieved from wholegrains that helps in releasing glucose slowly into bloodstream. It helps you stay alert and active throughout the day. Try to opt for all brown wholegrain cereals such click here as rice, pasta and granary bread.

Eat oily fish

Human body can’t make essential fatty acids, it means you need to obtain that from diet. The best source of getting omega-3 fatty acids are from fish in the form of DHA and EPA. There are some plant sources too which helps in providing omega-3 fatty acids such as soya beans, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, linseed and their oils. All these fats are good enough for healthy functioning of heart, brain, general wellbeing and joints.

Add vitality with vitamins

Adding vitamins to your diet can help in strengthening your brain effectively. Vitamins such as folic acid, B12 and B6 are known to reduce levels of compound named homocysteine in human blood. Increased level of homocysteine is associated with increased chances of stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive impairment. Take sufficient amount of foods like eggs, fish, leafy greens and chicken on your diet.