It’s not just food you’re addicted to


If you’re anything like me and ballooned and deflated for the most part of your life, then we have something in common: The anticipation of losing weight gives us pleasure.
You get all excited about how slim and chic you’ll look. And BANG, half of your weekly groceries shopping gone in one sitting.
I’ve always wondered how this feeling of wanting to lose weight could make me eat more…
One day, it occurred to me: What would happen if the excitement from this type of anticipation would be gone? Is this something that I could consciously stop?
Today, knowing so much about biochemistry, I would say that forcing this initial excitement to go away would probably be harder than stopping a crack addiction.

Could you have wished to be slim so many times, that you’re now addicted to this feeling?

A heart felt wish triggers feel-good chemicals in our bodies, and anything that feels good has the potential of becoming addictive.
Revolutionist Karl Marx said “Religion is the opiate of the masses.” I would actually change that to “Hope is the opiate of the masses.”
Because hope keeps you quiet. It numbs your pain. So you don’t “rebel” against the status quo. Praying for things to happen, or wishing to be slim, is a survival mechanism. Every cell in your body gets the same pain-killer: There’s something better coming along, so hold on in there.
But here’s the problem: Our addiction to hope severely weakens our capacity for change. If my future self will take care of things, why do anything different now?

Just lose it!

I’m not telling you to lose that hope. What you need to lose instead, is your mind!
The spectacle of change… starts with a brain riot. Through rebellion comes progress.
A state of revolution is necessary until the familiar synaptic connections of your old habituated self stop firing together. And this is the clean slate where you can start building your new mind from.
Let’s be clear about one thing: You can’t rewire your brain by thought alone. You need to engage your body. As you feel new things, your genes signal in new ways. Your cells feed back to your brain new messages. Creating more adventure and becoming unpredictable (to yourself and to others) are slimming!
Today, act like somebody else. Shock others with words they don’t expect coming from you. Don’t use an umbrella if it rains; let your hair get frizzy. Laugh out loud when everyone looks too serious. Stop to smell the flowers and buy some. Tidy your house in high heels and jewellery. Be “unlike” you. You’ll feel 100 pounds thinner. But most importantly, your brain will start getting the signal…




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SerenaFebruary 22, 2014 at 4:29 pmReply

I have just realized I am a hobby dieter and it never occurred to me that I may be addicted to the pleasure that this feeling of anticipation gives me………………………………………………………

I didn’t know that you can’t reprogram your mind by thought, probably why affirmations never worked for me

So happy to have discovered this blog, I love it and I think I’m now addicted to your articles Alejandra – hope not a bad thing?? moving from addiction to addiction!

Thank you so much!!


Alejandra RuaniFebruary 22, 2014 at 4:32 pmReply

Of course you can read and re-read my posts all day long Serena, that’s great but make sure to take action!

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