Surprising uses of air compressor

Air compressor, what comes to your mind when you think of it? Work? The answer is Yes and No. Yes, It used mostly for work. No, its uses are not limited to just work. As a matter of fact, you can use it as a form of entertainment as well. So if you have one at home and have time to spare, get ready Here are a few fun and cool things that you can do using air compressor:

1/ House sweeping


Are you tired of sweeping the house? How about we add the “fun factor” to it? Forget the old, traditional broom, use the air compressor instead. The blast of pressurized air is a lot better at removing all types of dust and dirt on the floor and you can have fun during the process as well.

2/ Keyboard cleaner


Looking for ways to remove the dirt stuck under the keyboard effectively but don’t know how? Here’s a solution for you: Attach a long and thin nozzle to the machine, then hold the nozzle 5 centimeters from the keyboard and at an angle about 45 degrees and turn your air compressor on. You will see all kinds of dirt flying out of your keyboard. Not only keyboards, this trick can also be used to clean the dust inside of the computer with no wiping and touching whatsoever. Try it, it will be unbelievably effective.

3/ Airbrush painting

One of the reasons why any creative artists would buy an air compressor. You can do this as well. With this click here machine, you can now custom paint your bike, your car or even your helmet or simply draw a picture. It would take too long to elaborate the process, so look for a video tutorial on, they have everything there.

4/ Pressure washer

Want to clean something but the water pressure is not exactly strong enough for you to do the job properly, e.g scraping the stubborn stains off the pavement? Looking for a cheap way to pump up the pressure? Then air compressor is the solution for you. Just be careful where you point the thing as it is very powerful

5/ Projectile launcher

Do you want to shoot something but you don’t want to go through all the trouble buying a gun legally? Here is a cheap alternative. Cheap, non-lethal, and very easy to do, this type of gun is the perfect form of entertainment when you want to unleash your rage. Just don’t let it out on people or some other creature as it still packs a punch and remember to wear safety goggles when doing so.

6/ Air tools


A great way to create powerful for a cheap price. Air tools cost way less than electric ones and pack more muscle than manual ones. Electric tools do have more power but they are expensive and their motors sometimes fall off. Therefore, a perfect compromise, a little more money for a whole lot more power.

I hope you find my suggestion helpful. If you find them interesting and looking to buy an air compressor, click here for our air compressor reviews.