Best home treadmill workouts

Doing cardio exercise is a way to lose weight, strengthen your respiratory and cardiovascular system. And running is the most simple but most effective exercise. But if you are living in a cramped neighborhood then it could be really hard to find a place for running. What you need is a treadmill. Don’t have to worry about bad weather or lack of space, all you have to do is stay home and still can running like you are outside. Today, I’m going to give you a guide of best home treadmill workouts.

Things to keep in mind


Warm up

Always warm up before you exercising. Doing this for about 10 minutes. Warming up effectively help your body get used to running, promote blood circulation and reduce the risk of having injuries during exercise. The usual speed for beginners is 1 mile to 3 miles/hour and 3 miles to 6 miles/hour for those who are used to this.


The new modern treadmills in the market can adjust the heartbeat easily. This makes it really convenient since users can reach their effective heartbeat. When you reach your most effective exercising heartbeat, your body will burn a lot of calories. This also doesn’t cause muscle pains or injuries. The formula to find your effective heartbeat is:
Your effective heartbeat = (220 – Your age) x 0.7

Breathing and running

Breathing in the right way help increase the oxygen intake, this is the key element to having good stamina. You should also so consider your running posture because this has a great effect on your running result. Keep your eyes straight, spine straight and a wide shoulder. Done look down when running because it is not the right posture and sometimes can give you injuries.




First, start with the speed of 3 miles/hour for about 5 minutes, let your body get used to the pace. Then increase the speed to 3.5 miles/hour for another 5 minutes. Crank the speed up to 5.5 miles/hour for 2 minutes then drop to 3.5 for about 4 minutes. Speed up to 5.5 miles/hour but this time make it 4 minutes. Change the speed back to 3.5 for another 4 minutes. Speed up to 5.8 miles/hour for 4 minutes then slowly drop your running peace. Remember, you must not stop. If your feel tired, slow down and walk until you feel better. Keep doing this and after 3 weeks, you will see the result.


As always, start your exercise by walking for about 5 minutes at 3.5 – 4.5 miles/hour. Then start running with the speed of 5 – 5.5 miles/hour for 1 minutes. Slow down and walking at 4 – 5 miles/hour for 2 minutes. Repeat these steps for about 6 – 7 times. Then end your exercise with a 5-minutes of walking at 3.5 – 4.5 miles/hour. The exercise is designed for experienced exercisers and should not be performed by beginners.

Follow our instruction, work hard and have a positive attitude, you will see the result before you know it.

How to wash nike running shoes?

Buying the perfect Nike shoes can be bit costly but it is important to spend enough time to ensure shoes are persevered properly. There are some necessary tricks available that can help your sport shoes look and new for long period of time, something that helps your investment to run for long and makes it worth. Taking care of sport shoes mean not only cleaning the shoe properly but also mean storing it safe and carefully from any future harm or damage. However the cleaning and storing process of shoes can be different based on the material and the style used to make shoes.

Care shoes from the start

care-shoesThe most important thing about sport shoe is to protect it from very beginning. Before you start wearing sport shoes try to give all possible protections. There are fabric protectors or leather protectors available in the market which can be used based on the material or sport shoe you are using. There are shoe liners as well as soles available in the market that is designed to offer comfort to your investment and help it remain perfect for long time. Often sport shoes get dirty fast, make sure you clean it immediately after exposing to the dirt.
Here are some of the effective ways to clean sport shoes:
• The most important step about cleaning sport shoe is removing all excess dirt initially. Use old toothbrush or shoe brush to remove all dirt’s outside the sole gently.
• Try using light laundry detergent on warm water to create slight soapy mixture. Keep it in one corner for some time.
• Try to apply small amount of detergent mixture or water to sponge or soft cloth and clean the affected areas carefully.
• Now immerse your sport show in that warm water and detergent soapy mixture for few minutes. This helps to remove all dirt from the shoe easily and later you can use soft cloth or brush to clean it with less effort.
• Now use another sponge or soft cloth to remove all detergent from its surface and allow it to dry.
• Keep your shoes at one corner of the room to air dry.
These above mentioned tips or tricks can help you to remove all persistent stains easily without spending hours. Nike often recommends this cleaning method for all its sport shoes. Never try cleaning giay nike chinh hang (Vietnamese) using dryer or washing machine, or any other cleaning products such as chemicals or bleach.

Cleaning insoles to reduce bad smell

bad-smellHere are some of the easy techniques to clean insoles and its bad smell:
• Try to remove all insoles from your sport shoes
• Follow the above mentioned cleaning tips.
• Make sure you air dry the soles completely before inserting it back on your shoes.
• Even if these steps don’t help to reduce insole smell try to replace insoles. There are replacement soles available with popular sport shops or shoe stores.
Follow these steps to clean you sport shoes on regular basis, something that helps you to maintain or care you investment for long time.