Wash a down comforter

Can you wash down alternative comforters

I guess that most of us would agree that down comforter is one of the coolest bedding items. But there is a small problem with them, they’re so freaking expensive compared to other types of comforters. This is understandable, but still, I always hope that some less expensive alternatives could replace them. And the alternative comforter has nailed it. This one is cheaper compared to natural comforter while still maintain a certain quality. This leads to another question. Can we wash them? And if it’s possible, how should we do it? Well, here are your answers.

Can you wash down alternative comforters?

Can youNow we all know about natural down being picky when it comes to preservation, especially with the cleaning stuff. In the past, people must hang them in the air and give them some hits and taps to remove the dust. It’s because that the natural down fill inside is very vulnerable. If being exposed to water, they could lose their fluffiness. Thus, reduce your down quality.

But alternative downs are often made from durable material. They may not feel as comfy and warm as natural one but these down comforters will last very long if being kept in proper condition. So with most down alternative down comforters, you could easily wash them with your washing machine as well as dry them in drying machine. But in some cases when the manufacturer doesn’t mention the washable feature, you should call them directly to ask about it before doing anything.

How to wash down alternative comforter?

With small down alternative products like pillows, you could wash them by hands. But with comforters, I really recommend you guys wash them with a washing machine. Here is how we do it:

How we do it

Take the comforter out of your bed. Hang it up and give it some tap to remove some of the dust. Take the cover (if yours have one) out and leave it somewhere clean so you can wash it later on with the comforter.

Prepare a mixture of clean water and bleach, make sure the amount of bleach isn’t too much, otherwise it will damage the fill inside. Dip your comforter and the cover inside the mixture and wait for about 10 minutes. Choose a large washing machine for this business, put all the stuff inside the washing machine and add in some soap. Turn on the machine and wait for it to finish the job. Meanwhile, grab yourself some books and a cup of coffee. Relax until the washing is done. When it’s the last rinse, add in some fabric softener for down comforter. Wait for the rinsing to complete.

Take your comforter out. You have two choices, air dry the comforter or use a drying machine. The first option will take a longer time but will guarantee a dry, clean, sunny-smelled comforter. Plus, it’s free. In the contrary, the second option is quicker but could damage the down fill inside due to the high-velocity spinning process. I would prefer doing the first one than the other. But if you don’t have time for that, you should go for the second one. And don’t forget to dry the cover too.

After that, put the stuff together (the cover and the comforter). Make sure you’ve tightly knotted all the corners of your comforter so it wouldn’t slip away. Clean your bed thoroughly before placing your newly-cleaned comforter above. That’s it, you’re done. Now it’s time to enjoy your refreshed comforter. And yeah, if you’re interested in buying a new down comforter, you should definitely check ikea down comforter brand

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Melatonin Gland

Do You Know What A Melatonin Gland Is

I have been hearing a lot of things about this hormone melatonin being a sleeping aid and an anti-aging product. I would like to know what melatonin really is. Where does it come from? If it is a hormone, is there a melatonin gland that produces it?

There has been a lot of hype over natural products lately, one of them natural sleeping aids like melatonin supplements. Advertisements here and there are feeding the public with so much information and we are buying it! But do we really know what melatonin is?

<h3>Where it came from and what it does to our body?</h3>
Melatonin, now gaining popularity as a natural sleeping aid, is a human hormone produced by the pineal gland.
This small endocrine gland that is shaped like a pine cone, also known as the melatonin gland, is located at the center of our brain, tucked snugly between the two hemispheres in front of the cerebellum.

Melatonin gland is the endocrine gland that produces melatonin which is then released into the blood. The melatonin gland is mainly composed of two types of cells: pinealocytes and glial cells. The pinealocytes are the specific cells responsible Sleep problems for the production and secretion of the melatonin hormone.

Melatonin helps control the body’s circadian rhythm, telling our body when to sleep and when to awaken. Production of this hormone by the melatonin gland is suppressed by light and is stimulated by darkness, which is why melatonin is also referred to as “the hormone of darkness”.

Since melatonin is considered a potent antioxidant and prevents the development of cancer cells, it would explain the higher rates of cancer development among night workers and the overall increased incidence of cancer in our modern world where there is abundant artificial lighting.

Also, melatonin has been proven to diminish motor activity and induce drowsiness when increased which normally happens during nighttime and in dark environments. This is the main reason why melatonin is now popular as a sleeping aid especially in cases of jet lag and shift work sleep disorder wherein there is disruption of the melatonin cycles.

In studies that have been conducted by experts, removal of the melatonin gland in animals increases the incidence of breast cancer and other cancers. But whether or not it has a significant effect on the circadian rhythm, it is still yet to be proven.


Any Tips On How To Clean A Cpap Machine And Its Accessories

I’ve been prescribed a CPAP recently and I’m getting one soon at the insistence of my doctor. Since this is my first time to use one, I am wondering if you can give me tips on caring for it, specifically in cleaning the CPAP machine. I tried one at the sleep center and I noticed its got a lot of parts and the cleaning part of it really worries me. A little help on this would be greatly appreciated.

The CPAP machine is today’s most popular choice for the treatment of sleep apnea and in the management of breathing problems experienced by patients having respiratory failure.
It works by forcing pressurized air into the airway keeping it open and effectively improving oxygenation. A CPAP machine needs the prescription of a specialist but choosing the machine itself and its accessories would depend on what’s comfortable for you.
A durable medical equipment (DME) supplier that is recognized by your medical insurance provider can help you with that. Do not hesitate to ask questions. You can also prolong the life of your CPAP machine if you know how to care for it. Ask your DME supplier how to clean the CPAP machine and its accessories. It is very important that you know how to use the machine and its parts properly, how to store them, when to change some of its parts, and how to clean the CPAP machine. You can ask for tips from your therapist or the product supplier. Be sure also to read the manual that comes along with the product. It always includes instructions on how to clean the CPAP machine properly. Oftentimes, product care of CPAP machine accessories would depend on the manufacturer, but for the CPAP unit, simply wiping it with a damp cloth and wiping it dry or airing it to dry is enough. Do not immerse it in water. The hose may be cleaned with mild detergent and water and airing it to dry. Do not wring the tube or swing it around. You can also hook it up to the CPAP unit and the let CPAP air dry it out. You can also use distilled vinegar-and-water solution in cleaning the hose Sleep problems as a mild disinfectant to prevent bacterial growth. Cleaning the CPAP mask should be done twice weekly, if not daily. Cleaning it with mild detergent and lukewarm water thoroughly removes oil build-up on the part that touches the face. These oils can cause early deterioration of your mask. Wipe it dry with a clean, dry cloth and never in direct sunlight. The humidifier chamber should be cleaned after every use to prevent mineral build-up. Fill the chamber up with soapy water, shake it briskly, rinse, and let it dry. Using a mild detergent and lukewarm water to clean it is often enough; but be sure to read the instruction manual to be sure you are doing the right thing. The head gear may either be hand washed or machine washed using mild detergent but not as often as the other CPAP accessories because constant washing could easily wear out the Velcro. Tubings and filters can be washed with mild soap and water, but some filters are disposables and must be changed after a week or two. Proper use and regular cleaning of the CPAP machine and its parts often ensures proper functioning and prolonged service. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for proper product care or ask your equipment provider. A CPAP machine that’s not working is a CPAP machine that’s not helping.