watching-tvWatching TV is one of the most popular hobbies in this day and age. Sadly, not many people know the right way to do that so as to keep their eyesight intact. Here are what you need to know to do it right.

First of all

There should be a reasonable distance between you and the TV. The distance depends where your eyes feel the most comfortable and varies from one person to another. Too close to the TV and it will cause eyestrain and fatigue, causing you to feel tired more quickly. Too far away from the TV and the result is not being able to see the screen clearly, which forces our eyes to work more, leading to feeling more fatigued and tired much quicker.


Sit directly in front of the TV set for the most comfortable watching experience. Unless your TV support view-from-all-angle feature, sitting directly in front of the TV is the way to go. Too much to the left or too much to the right angle will cause you to see the image unclear, which, again, leads you to feel tired much faster. If the TV is set too high, it would be a pain in the neck, literally.


Is don’t watch TV in the dark. Even though research shows that there are no long term, harmful effects on the eyes, that doesn’t mean it is safe to do it. Because your eyes have to adapt to the continuous changes of colors on the screen, this will cause them to work even harder than the two cases above. As a results, you’ve guessed it, even more eyestrain and sometimes headache as well. Therefore, don’t do it if you don’t have to.

In addition

Don’t watch the TV of you have no idea what to watch, which results in flicking between the channels continuously. Let’s face it: It’s time consuming, annoying and makes you look like a lifeless zombie. Check for the list of scheduled programs in advance on the newspaper or on the Internet to save you this hassle. If there is nothing to captivate your interests, it is better to do something else instead.

Don’t be a couch potatoes

Life is not about watching TV day in and day out. That is not what we are programmed to do. You still have your work life and your social life. Use TV as a sort of entertainment but not as your only source of entertainment. Don’t spend days after days grinding your favorite series such as Westworld on HBO. There are plenty other of interesting things to do. Don’t become dependent on it.

There you go, some of the most important tips to watch TV. I hope you find these tips useful. Click here for more interesting and coot tips from us.