Wash a down comforter

Can you wash down alternative comforters

I guess that most of us would agree that down comforter is one of the coolest bedding items. But there is a small problem with them, they’re so freaking expensive compared to other types of comforters. This is understandable, but still, I always hope that some less expensive alternatives could replace them. And the alternative comforter has nailed it. This one is cheaper compared to natural comforter while still maintain a certain quality. This leads to another question. Can we wash them? And if it’s possible, how should we do it? Well, here are your answers.

Can you wash down alternative comforters?

Can youNow we all know about natural down being picky when it comes to preservation, especially with the cleaning stuff. In the past, people must hang them in the air and give them some hits and taps to remove the dust. It’s because that the natural down fill inside is very vulnerable. If being exposed to water, they could lose their fluffiness. Thus, reduce your down quality.

But alternative downs are often made from durable material. They may not feel as comfy and warm as natural one but these down comforters will last very long if being kept in proper condition. So with most down alternative down comforters, you could easily wash them with your washing machine as well as dry them in drying machine. But in some cases when the manufacturer doesn’t mention the washable feature, you should call them directly to ask about it before doing anything.

How to wash down alternative comforter?

With small down alternative products like pillows, you could wash them by hands. But with comforters, I really recommend you guys wash them with a washing machine. Here is how we do it:

How we do it

Take the comforter out of your bed. Hang it up and give it some tap to remove some of the dust. Take the cover (if yours have one) out and leave it somewhere clean so you can wash it later on with the comforter.

Prepare a mixture of clean water and bleach, make sure the amount of bleach isn’t too much, otherwise it will damage the fill inside. Dip your comforter and the cover inside the mixture and wait for about 10 minutes. Choose a large washing machine for this business, put all the stuff inside the washing machine and add in some soap. Turn on the machine and wait for it to finish the job. Meanwhile, grab yourself some books and a cup of coffee. Relax until the washing is done. When it’s the last rinse, add in some fabric softener for down comforter. Wait for the rinsing to complete.

Take your comforter out. You have two choices, air dry the comforter or use a drying machine. The first option will take a longer time but will guarantee a dry, clean, sunny-smelled comforter. Plus, it’s free. In the contrary, the second option is quicker but could damage the down fill inside due to the high-velocity spinning process. I would prefer doing the first one than the other. But if you don’t have time for that, you should go for the second one. And don’t forget to dry the cover too.

After that, put the stuff together (the cover and the comforter). Make sure you’ve tightly knotted all the corners of your comforter so it wouldn’t slip away. Clean your bed thoroughly before placing your newly-cleaned comforter above. That’s it, you’re done. Now it’s time to enjoy your refreshed comforter. And yeah, if you’re interested in buying a new down comforter, you should definitely check ikea down comforter brand

Comparison between RO system and distillation

Comparison between RO system and distillation

There are two ways to obtain clean water, at least two of the most popular that is. Those are distillation and reverse osmosis filtration. In this article, we will take a closer look at the similarity and differences of the two.


Both are used to produce clean drinkable water for us. The two can effectively reduce the amount of “microscopic solid” present in the water. The differences lie in the mechanism and we will get to that right below.


Reverse osmosis water filtering system relies on tight permeable membrane to get the job done. It pushes water through the membrane and keeps at bay all the unwanted particles inside.

Distiller functions like a tea kettle. Water is boils until it reaches 1000 Celsius and then the steam comes out. Then it captures the steam and condenses it and the water resulting from that will be store in a different chamber. The unwanted parts will be left in the chamber.

Pros and cons

Pros and cons

One problems of the distillation method is that it cannot handle impurities with low boiling point. In fact, many cities now use chloramine in place of chlorine as water disinfectant, whose boiling point is lower than that of water. Hence, you will need to push the water through layers of carbon filter before even beginning the distillation process to deal with this problem.

In addition, this process is also very dangerous because it involves the use of high temperature. If done in correctly, there would be injuries or even something much worse.

Reverse osmosis filter does not have this problem because it deals with chloramines very well thanks to its built-in carbon filters. The process also does not require any major heat source to deal with the problem so there’s a tiny chance of something bad will happen.


Both are good ways of producing clean water for you. Nevertheless, you should take into account many factors like the composition of the water, cost, effectiveness, etc. when choosing the best method to use. Personally, I’d go with the reverse osmosis filtering machine because it is safer, the water get treated much better and much fewer things can go wrong in the process. But don’t take just my words for it; there are lots of reverse osmosis or RO water filter system reviews online for your preference.

That was it for our analysis. Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

Cat litter box

What litter is compatible with the litter maid self-cleaning box.

One of the most annoying for cat owner when taking care of these cute little fur ball is that we must deal with all kind of a different waste. It’s stinky, smelly, anConsiderationd there’s always many. Luckily, we have had our newest invention, the self-cleaning litter boxes. With these, you won’t have to do the dirty job ever again. The cat litter box work like your cat personal maid (besides its hooman). The box will perform auto scans after a period of time to get rid of the waste and put them in a plastic box so you can take out and put in the trash bag.


And the big shot in this is definitely the litter maid self-cleaning box. You can find out more about this at the best seft cleaning litter box review on obeymycat. Back to our post, you’ve got yourself a litter box, it’s time to put some litter in it. But what type of litter is good for your newly purchased box? Let’s find out.


There are two factors that you should consider. First, it’s the box, is it large enough or deep enough. In my opinion, the box is perfectly designed and there shouldn’t be any problem using it. But we’ll not skip this since the result could vary depends on different users. And second, it’s your cat. His behaviors and character could affect the performance of the litter and the type of litter you should choose.

Detailed guide

For the box, this box has a medium-size tray that could fit a mature cat usage for about 5 days. You can use any type of litter as long as it is not too big to stuck on the rake. And the litter should be soft and easy to dig in, most cat love using soft litter rather than hard ones.

Detailed guide

The type of litter you should choose also depends on your cat. It’s behavior and character will deceive which litter you need to choose. If your cat is an obstreperous one and often making a mess out of your litter box, then you should fill it with a thin layer of small and soft litter. By doing that, your kitten won’t be able to dig too much litter up. And the soft layer won’t’ make it feel discomfort when doing its personal business. The only problem is that the litter will run out very quick since there is only a small layer of it. It’ll be much easier if your cat is a gentle and calm little kitten since it won’t mess up your litter box. These cats often feel fine with every type of litter as long as they’re not too smelly or hard to dig up. You can put up a thick layer of litter and your litter box won’t run out for at least one week.

Speaking of hard, if your cat has been declawed, don’t choose hard litter for it. Your cat won’t like it and probably will poop somewhere in your house. One more thing, the litter should have a nice smell. Especially with cats that have smelly poops. Or else it would be very annoying and you’ll have to take out the trash every day. The litter would be best if it can neutralize all the bad odor. Especially the ammonia that has been formed up from your kitten urine. They’re smelly and not good for the cat health either.

Some Notes about the Dog Hair Care

Note When Start Caring Dog Hair

caring-dog-hairDogs do not like to work in the abdominal area and the sensitivity of their distribution. If you touched, they might bite into the comb, brush or your hands. But you could not ignore those areas are, is best to use rubber gloves to handle thorny gently. If You just adopted a dog, caring for its fur is even more important. If you want to find out about clippers for your dogs, you can visit here for best dog clippers on the market.

The male dog to care for each other in social relationships herd. Dogs do not take care of it yourself. For grooming for dogs, you have to learn to have the knowledge. As mentioned above, each dog is different care. It is important that you take care of plumage to correct for the breed that you own; note the difference between the basic nature dog fur short and long.

 Dog Care Hard Coat (Brush)

dog-care-hard-coatDog care cycle hard coat depends on the length of the coat. If the coat is short, not a lot of care and vice versa. When the dog grooming comb or brush you select appropriate, very lightly brush the hair from legs, not to comb or brush fibers poke dogs. When they came tangled hair can be flat or combed a couple of times before the normal brush. While brushing, you should gently massage the skin to stimulate the dog leg fat hairy gland works fine. The grease glands function makes fur shiny and soft. When brushing for dogs, we take away the dead hair, hair. Normally one should comb (or brush) sparse brush first, then brushed with a fine comb and brush again with the last toothed comb.

Dogs Have Long Fur And Feathers Curling

Grooming this dog is no different than short-haired dogs, only the thing is to be brushed several times a week, which ideally should be brushed daily. Long-haired dogs are prone to aggregation in the neck. So the more we have to brush thoroughly with a long toothed comb after combing, brushing and answered back with a fine comb to comb or brush to coat in order. Hairless dog care curly, wavy similar, but usually slightly jerky movements with the comb to remove hair then. Any dog fur is too thick and too long need to be cut back. You should prune dog fur 3-4 weeks and not be harming their plumage. In case you are confused, it is better to bring your dog to the care facility with expertise, ensuring they will be taken care of proper technique.

Bathing The Dog

Dogs can roam freely swim into the lake, river and thereby playing their fur clean. However, breeding dogs you do not have such conditions should bathe them periodically certain, do so that they are clean, not parasites attack. However, if the dog is grooming dogs as much as possible the money issue, the need to bathe your dog exact consideration. The undercoat of dogs typically has enough functionality to cope with all types of wet weather, wet, hot, cold and always covered with a layer of fat to protect and nourish. Usually, we just brush and vacuum suction of foreign bodies (and the parasite) is sufficient. Where to you and should have just smelly bathrooms. Every time you go out on that dog gets dirty you should wash or bathe them with water is sufficient. Shower them with many kinds of non-standard body wash will make losing fat dog breed and protect hair, making them prone to diseases.


If you have to use the dog bath oils, bath, conditioner specialized, neutral products and bathed only when necessary to avoid damaging their fur and skin.

Best home treadmill workouts

Doing cardio exercise is a way to lose weight, strengthen your respiratory and cardiovascular system. And running is the most simple but most effective exercise. But if you are living in a cramped neighborhood then it could be really hard to find a place for running. What you need is a treadmill. Don’t have to worry about bad weather or lack of space, all you have to do is stay home and still can running like you are outside. Today, I’m going to give you a guide of best home treadmill workouts.

Things to keep in mind


Warm up

Always warm up before you exercising. Doing this for about 10 minutes. Warming up effectively help your body get used to running, promote blood circulation and reduce the risk of having injuries during exercise. The usual speed for beginners is 1 mile to 3 miles/hour and 3 miles to 6 miles/hour for those who are used to this.


The new modern treadmills in the market can adjust the heartbeat easily. This makes it really convenient since users can reach their effective heartbeat. When you reach your most effective exercising heartbeat, your body will burn a lot of calories. This also doesn’t cause muscle pains or injuries. The formula to find your effective heartbeat is:
Your effective heartbeat = (220 – Your age) x 0.7

Breathing and running

Breathing in the right way help increase the oxygen intake, this is the key element to having good stamina. You should also so consider your running posture because this has a great effect on your running result. Keep your eyes straight, spine straight and a wide shoulder. Done look down when running because it is not the right posture and sometimes can give you injuries.




First, start with the speed of 3 miles/hour for about 5 minutes, let your body get used to the pace. Then increase the speed to 3.5 miles/hour for another 5 minutes. Crank the speed up to 5.5 miles/hour for 2 minutes then drop to 3.5 for about 4 minutes. Speed up to 5.5 miles/hour but this time make it 4 minutes. Change the speed back to 3.5 for another 4 minutes. Speed up to 5.8 miles/hour for 4 minutes then slowly drop your running peace. Remember, you must not stop. If your feel tired, slow down and walk until you feel better. Keep doing this and after 3 weeks, you will see the result.


As always, start your exercise by walking for about 5 minutes at 3.5 – 4.5 miles/hour. Then start running with the speed of 5 – 5.5 miles/hour for 1 minutes. Slow down and walking at 4 – 5 miles/hour for 2 minutes. Repeat these steps for about 6 – 7 times. Then end your exercise with a 5-minutes of walking at 3.5 – 4.5 miles/hour. The exercise is designed for experienced exercisers and should not be performed by beginners.

Follow our instruction, work hard and have a positive attitude, you will see the result before you know it.

Surprising uses of air compressor

Air compressor, what comes to your mind when you think of it? Work? The answer is Yes and No. Yes, It used mostly for work. No, its uses are not limited to just work. As a matter of fact, you can use it as a form of entertainment as well. So if you have one at home and have time to spare, get ready Here are a few fun and cool things that you can do using air compressor:

1/ House sweeping


Are you tired of sweeping the house? How about we add the “fun factor” to it? Forget the old, traditional broom, use the air compressor instead. The blast of pressurized air is a lot better at removing all types of dust and dirt on the floor and you can have fun during the process as well.

2/ Keyboard cleaner


Looking for ways to remove the dirt stuck under the keyboard effectively but don’t know how? Here’s a solution for you: Attach a long and thin nozzle to the machine, then hold the nozzle 5 centimeters from the keyboard and at an angle about 45 degrees and turn your air compressor on. You will see all kinds of dirt flying out of your keyboard. Not only keyboards, this trick can also be used to clean the dust inside of the computer with no wiping and touching whatsoever. Try it, it will be unbelievably effective.

3/ Airbrush painting

One of the reasons why any creative artists would buy an air compressor. You can do this as well. With this machine, you can now custom paint your bike, your car or even your helmet or simply draw a picture. It would take too long to elaborate the process, so look for a video tutorial on youtube.com, they have everything there.

4/ Pressure washer

Want to clean something but the water pressure is not exactly strong enough for you to do the job properly, e.g scraping the stubborn stains off the pavement? Looking for a cheap way to pump up the pressure? Then air compressor is the solution for you. Just be careful where you point the thing as it is very powerful

5/ Projectile launcher

Do you want to shoot something but you don’t want to go through all the trouble buying a gun legally? Here is a cheap alternative. Cheap, non-lethal, and very easy to do, this type of gun is the perfect form of entertainment when you want to unleash your rage. Just don’t let it out on people or some other creature as it still packs a punch and remember to wear safety goggles when doing so.

6/ Air tools


A great way to create powerful for a cheap price. Air tools cost way less than electric ones and pack more muscle than manual ones. Electric tools do have more power but they are expensive and their motors sometimes fall off. Therefore, a perfect compromise, a little more money for a whole lot more power.

I hope you find my suggestion helpful. If you find them interesting and looking to buy an air compressor, click here for our air compressor reviews.


How to incubate chicken eggs?

chicken-eggMothering chicken egg is not an easy task but there are many individuals seen taking wide interest in this task. There are some effective ways of doing the task. After laying egg, hen constantly fusses over it. They spend time all day and rarely leave the nest for a single minute. It is all because of the fact that motherhood is no easy task, slightest of negligence can lead to all kind of complicacies or may hatch with deformities. The problem with modern day chickens is that they are not effective mothers. Whatever may be the reason, culture or genetic they get distracted, something leads to all kind of complicacies. The incubation process can be quite exciting and you can do that at ease.

Set up the incubator

With time there are many wide variants of chicken egg incubator for sale which accommodates many eggs and carry out the process at ease. There are different priced incubators available in the market, starting from 50 USD to 100 USD based on the requirement and purpose. Setting up the incubator is easy. Place the number of eggs and close the door. Within few weeks chick will pop out of the door with no effort and other care. However it is important to set the necessary temperature, ventilation and humidity. Make sure you place the incubator in a location where there is least possible fluctuation of temperature as well as humidity throughout the day basement is ideal for the purpose.

Find fertile eggs

find-fertile-eggsFinding fertile egg is another important thing, majority of eggs that lay will be fertile but finding out the best one is important. Make sure you collect these as early as possible after laying and transferring it to the incubator. If you don’t know how to find it, seek the help of someone who is aware of the task and get fertile eggs. There are some popular online portals available where you can get such eggs. There are many online egg suppliers also available, seeking their help can be really effective.


incubateThis process takes 21 days’ time on an average. Soon after starting the incubation process begins after 21 days’ time and make sure you set the right temperature and other aspects for 24 hour period. Make necessary adjustments all around to create optimal environment. Once the incubator starts functioning as per the need it is important to maintain the right environment until chicks start hatching. Place the eggs in the incubator and close the door, make sure you check it at every level to ensure nothing goes wrong.


The next step is hatching and here you can start seeing fetus becoming active. Chick will create a small hole in the egg and take its first breath outside. Make sure you are careful in this stage as chances are very high that you unknowingly cause injury. Once the chick comes out of the egg completely allow it to dry off where it will send first week of its life.

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